Tuning in…

We like to wake up to the radio in the morning, and be gently brought back to life with some witty banter and a fair degree of current affairs and other information. It’s like a pre-caffeine hit, for those who need one. For me, a non-coffee drinker, the radio wake up is my caffeine hit. For some time the choice of radio station has been quite difficult, and as a compromise in recent times we have more or less settled on National Radio during the week, and Radio Live on weekends. Recent changes to both mean that this year is not looking good for wake up time. Continue reading “Tuning in…”

My year of moving on

Sometimes major life changes can feel kind of like a bereavement, and it can take quite some time to get over these changes. Almost two years ago I left a job I loved. Change was in the air, and the organisation was heading in a direction that was not aligned to my own way of thinking. I had thought I could be in this or a similar role until I retired, but the choice to go was my own, and even in hindsight, it was the right choice.

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Thank you for the music

Today His Lordship and I went and helped an old friend sort some of the music in his garage. That friend is Bernie Allen, and he has had a life in music that spans from the 1950s and still continues today. For the best part of 15 years Bernie has simply been unable to open one of the doors of his double garage due to the many, many boxes of music that live there, and of course, there is a story behind each of these boxes. Continue reading “Thank you for the music”

We built this city …

Last week I went to Christchurch for work for a night. It is the first time I have been back to Christchurch since late 2010 when I was there briefly between the September and February earthquakes. We had a house there and we called by to check it out when we were passing through town to see ow the tenants were faring, and to check on the reported damage.
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Taking the plunge

Sometimes making a major change in your life is something you keep looking for excuses to put off, until finally it becomes clear that you are, in fact, obfuscating. For me this preparation started some two to three years ago as I started to increase the levels of freelance work I undertook within the library profession. Continue reading “Taking the plunge”

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