The nest is empty

So much has happened, where do I start? How do you summarise two weddings, a son departing for the other side of the world, giving up my job, His Lordship starting a new job, and having to move house in a few paragraphs?

Let’s start with Darling Daughter and her gorgeous wedding to lovely Son In Law (SIL, if you remember). It was a very small and intimate gathering, exactly as they hoped it would be. Surprisingly I wasn’t the emotional heap I thought I would be. I was just happy. I did turn around to see my good friend gulping big snotty sobs into her hanky as His Lordship walked DD down the aisle. It was a lovely day, and they looked so happy. Darling Daughter looked a picture, and Waffle the dog had a starring role as ring bearer. These few days were all about family and it was very special.

A couple of weeks before the wedding,  No. 1 Son announced that he had a window in his busy schedule, and he was off to America for seven weeks. For the man who spends a great deal of his life in his own company and who doesn’t have a huge arsenal of life experience behind him, this was a pretty big deal. Hasty visits to Kathmandu followed, and we helped him prepare and pack. But it was not without some degree of trepidation that I saw him off at Auckland Airport a couple of weeks ago, hoping like hell he would wash up in one piece in New York, and not end up being fleeced of his worldly goods somewhere along the way. Or worse, deported to the Middle East from the US border on account of his swarthy Arab colouring and ready array of Trump jokes. I really wanted to add a Paddington-like label to his jacket with an “if lost please return to …” message on it.

We got off to a good start when, shortly after walking back to my car in the airport carpark, he sent me a message saying what were the chances? He’d been strip searched on leaving Auckland. My heart stopped and a barrage of “what the hell?” messages left my phone until I received a “Ha, just kidding” message some time later. This prompted a call from his father who advised him that texts like that strangely lose some of their intended humour when sent to an anxious mother.

So in the space of two weeks I lost a daughter (kind of), gained a son (in law), lost another son (temporarily, I hope), lost His Lordship (he’s moved back to Auckland for his new job, and I still have two weeks to go). Even though Darling Daughter left home some years ago, No. 1 Son still lives there. Darling Daughter lives quite nearby, but even so, things feel different now she is married. Different is not necessarily bad. Its just, well, different. The Auckland house feels very empty with just me and His Lordship, but this is the way of our future, so we had better get used to it.

Change is still not over as I prepare for life in the world of freelance. May is shaping up to be very busy, and I even have a bit of relief saxophone tutoring to look forward to – exactly the life balance I was aiming for.

I’ve got the move of the Waikato house to organise, as well as preparing to handover my day job to my replacement. I’m also really busy preparing for life after permanent work in that the work is already coming in.

Meanwhile, the happy couple are visiting Queenstown on a mini-moon. No. 1 Son is well into his US trip, thankfully not lost, and having the time of his life, from all accounts. Silly Mum had nothing to worry about. IMG_1243

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