Taking the plunge

Sometimes making a major change in your life is something you keep looking for excuses to put off, until finally it becomes clear that you are, in fact, obfuscating. For me this preparation started some two to three years ago as I started to increase the levels of freelance work I undertook within the library profession. Continue reading “Taking the plunge”

Over the hill

It’s my birthday next week, and while this is not a source or great joy for me, nor is it a source of major depression. However, in the past few days I have had to enter my date of birth into some of those pre-populated web forms a few times for various things. You have to scroll down to find your year of birth, and lately I seem to have been scrolling for so long that the wheel starts to spin, and eventually stops at a year miles from today. Then I start to think about the number, and realise it is getting quite high. Continue reading “Over the hill”

For the love of the horn

It’s really early on a cold and wintery Saturday morning in an otherwise deserted high school in central Auckland. Sounds of warming up trumpets puncture the air. Trombonists slide gaily over their horns, and there is some early morning gentle banter kicking in. These are some of New Zealand’s finest jazz musicians, and they have turned out for no other reason than to join up with fellow musos and have a big band blow. Merv Thomas, an instution in New Zealand music since the 1950s, is passing round the trombone packs. And Neville Grenfell, one of the finest lead trumpeters around is doing the same with the trumpets.  Continue reading “For the love of the horn”

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